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See how we're working to be the

Best Hometown Possible

Over the last several years, City administration and officials have worked hard to come up with the framework needed to make our city the Best Hometown Possible! 

In 2022, we revisited the concept of what our city would look like if we could accomplish major and minor projects in a 10-year period and put them to paper as a roadmap to be implemented by future administrations. This document is commonly referred to as a Comprehensive Plan. 

The ideas and projects documented in this plan were proposed by members of the public, city officials, Core Team members, and other community entities with a vested interest in Sarcoxie's success.

Where are we headed this year?

The 2024 Action Plans were released in early March and the City has been eagerly working on several of the items outlined in this document. Read about it below!

This isn't our first rodeo...

If you are interested in where we've been and what we've accomplished, check out our archived Action Plans and 2008 Comprehensive Plan. 

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