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  • Pursue the goals of the City’s Comprehensive Plan 

  • Make Sarcoxie the Best Hometown Possible 

  • Improve the experience of living in Sarcoxie 

The CORE Team is a mayor appointed team of super active volunteers who work directly with the mayor on a broad spectrum of issues. This includes pursuing long term goals and generally helping to get things done for the betterment of Sarcoxie.   

The CORE Team is a non-traditional organization that prides itself on thinking big and not being restricted by doing things the way everyone else does. To date, this team is the big reason why GRO describes Sarcoxie as a city that “punches well above its weight class”. 

All recommendations and proposals of the CORE Team are presented to the mayor and, if appropriate, the Board of Aldermen.  



  • Protect and preserve the park assets of the City

  • Establish rules and regulations for assets as well as maintenance procedures.

  • Enforce policy and procedures put forth by the board

The Park Board is a government recognized organization that oversees and maintains all park assets of the City which includes: 

  • Historical Downtown Square

  • Stebbins Memorial Park

  • City Pool Facility

  • OLT Soft Park - Cave & Spring Grounds

  • Carnival Grounds

  • Showbarn & Arena

  • Public Bathrooms

  • Calaboose

To contact the park board with questions or concerns, send an email to or call City Hall.

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