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Parks and Recreation

Sarcoxie Historic Square

The historic town square is located in the heart of downtown Sarcoxie and features lots of shade trees, places to sit and relax, the Veterans Memorial, Historic City Bell, and a gazebo for public entertainment.

The town square hosts the City’s most popular annual events including:
Chief Sarcoxie Days
Halloween Trunk or Treat on the Square
Christmas on the Square

The town square is also a popular location for weddings, musical performances, and other activities.  While reservations are not taken for the use of the gazebo, there is usually a way to ensure there is space and time for your events.  There is no fee to use any facilities at the Town Square.

In the heat of the summer, it’s not uncommon for the Sarcoxie Fire Department to practice with trucks and hoses on the square.  (Disclaimer: The city and fire department are not responsible for wet kids having fun while the fire department is training)

Stebbins Memorial Park

Stebbins Memorial Park is located next to the Sarcoxie High School at 17th and Center Streets.  It includes playground equipment, a basketball court, sand volleyball, a baseball field, the pool complex, three pavilions and lots of picnic tables.

The park has public bathrooms and a water fountain available from Easter through Labor Day.  There are also electrical outlets located at various locations.

Stebbins Park is a popular location for family reunions and birthday parties.  No reservations needed.

sarcoxie pool.jpg

Sarcoxie City Pool

With construction completed in 2004, the Sarcoxie Pool Complex is located on the Southeast corner of Stebbins Memorial Park
(1601 Clarence St in Sarcoxie, MO) and is one of the most popular park features in the city. 
A two pool complex, it features a zero entry volleyball pool, and a diving pool.  The volley and diving pools are protected with Red Cross / YMCA certified lifeguards.

The complex opens the Saturday before Memorial Day and stays open until the weekend before school starts. 

Private pool parties and weekend night swims are popular events at the pool. Contact pool management at 417-548-7242. 

Watch for valuable coupons in the Sarcoxie Record for discounted admissions or concessions.

Gene Taylor Community Building

The Gene Taylor Community Building was built in 1976 and is located just off the square at 5th and High Street (218 N 5th St in Sarcoxie, MO).  It features a great room capable of hosting over 150 people, a commercial kitchen, a PA system, and a powerful heating and cooling system to ensure comfort for groups of any size.

Sarcoxie Arena & Livestock Show Barn

Built in 2005, the arena and show barn are located just east of the square near the of intersection Center and 3rd streets.  It is designed for equestrian events ranging from casual riding to full saddle club meets.

The use of the arena is free to the public and no reservations are required for casual riding.

The arena also has other amenities such as a concession stand, press booth, lighting, and a PA system available for larger events. 

 Contact City Hall at (417) 548-7242, for further information on how to access these features.

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