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Water & Sewer

Having good and reliable infrastructure is crucial for cities in order to meet the needs of its citizens and businesses connected to the combined system. Currently, Sarcoxie is able to provide water at a steady pressure and rate to every home and business within city limits, but there is an opportunity to improve this availability through the use of loops and increased water main diameter. Sewer is also available to households but with more housing coming to Sarcoxie, expansions are necessary.

For a quick overview of the current infrastructure, check out our water and sewer sections. 


  • Inconsistent or low pressure have been largely eliminated due to additional storage and larger and additional supply lines.​

  • New water meters and leak detection have dramatically improved water accountability to at least 90%.​

  • At least 25% of the 10” loop around the city has been complete with a set plan and timeline in place to complete the remaining 75% of the work. ​

  • The city is prepared for future developments by extending water to the outer edges of city limits. ​

  • The city also has a willingness to embrace new technology to improve efficiency and ensure a robust system.​


  • The city has made a lot of headway on the sewer system. ​

  • The lagoon system has been converted to partial land application and is fully compliant with MoDNR. ​

  • Major improvements have been made to the distribution lines in which X number of feet has been lined or replaced. ​

  • The city has cleaned and inspected all sewer mains and has an effective system to regularly inspect and prevent blockage. ​

  • All sewer bypasses have been eliminated with the exception of extreme weather events.​

  • Check valves in all qualified services lines will have been installed to prevent backflows. 

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