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Do you use a lot of water in the summer to grow a garden or do other things with water that don’t end up going through the sewer? If so, you may want to take advantage of the city’s “summer sewer rates”.

Beginning in April of 2011, the City Council set up a summer sewer rate to assist residents who water gardens and have other increased water uses that do not result in increased sewer use. The spirit and intent of this program is to protect residents from paying sewer costs for services they are not using.

The elements of the program include:​

  • Residents must request to participate in this program by contacting the City Collector.​

  • Sewer usage will be averaged on usage during the prior September through April. This monthly average will be used for the months of May, June, July, and August – regardless of what the water usage is.​

  • Participants are required to comply with city laws on weed heights and nuisance laws to continue participation.​

  • Water charges will still apply to all water used.


Please contact City Hall or an elected official if you have any questions on this program.

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