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Youth Advisory Council of Sarcoxie (YACS)

Established 2018

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The Youth Advisory Council was developed to encourage civic engagement for area youth.  In the efforts to better our city, a council consisting of members between the grades of 7th through 12th was established to plan and execute ideas and projects to benefit future generations of Sarcoxie.

Main Objectives

1. Create interesting projects in Sarcoxie that raise community awareness and pride.

2. Assist in major events as well as the planning and execution of main attractions or events

3. To better the reputation and appearance of Sarcoxie for the benefit of the youth.

Current Members

Kaden Triplett


The YACS are under the oversight of the Core Team. Direct Advisors:

  • Matt Sommer

  • Tanner Rice

  • Patty Mandera

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