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  • Only use GFL provided poly carts

  • We encourage poly carts to be set out Tuesday evenings. Pick up begins as early as 5am on Wednesday mornings.

  • Set the poly cart no more than 3 feet from the street with the hinges facing your house.

  • Make sure there are no cars or other obstacles between the poly cart and the trash truck.
  • The side of the cart with the lid hinges should be faced towards the house.
  • Set your poly cart so the front is less than 3 feet from the street.

  • Don’t overload your poly cart.  The max weight of contents cannot be more than 200 pounds.

  • Trash from outside of the city cannot be disposed of in a city receptacle.

  • Pull the cart away from the street by the evening of trash pickup day and return it to your house.


​Trash Overflow Solutions:

  • For recyclable items, there is a green recycling trailer located in a vacant lot close to the NE corner of the 5th St and Center St intersection that you can deposit sorted paper, cardboard and plastic products free of charge.

  • Last but not least, an additional poly cart for your address can be obtained from the city for $6 a month.

  • We also have a dumpster for large items behind the library (CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS APPLY - SEE "PUBLIC DUMSPTER PROGRAM" FOR DETAILS).

Trash Service Information

To ensure your trash is picked up:
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