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Sarcoxie Economic & Entrepreneurial Development (SEED) Board

While the main focus of the SEED Board is economic development and entrepreneurship, during the past year and a half the board has led the way for the GRO Grant from the Community Foundation of the Ozarks. All of the SEED Board members, the Chamber President, School Superintendent and First Baptist Church Pastor made up the Steering Committee for this grant. All areas of the community have been looked at during this time. Some great programs have come from this grant such as I (Heart) Sarcoxie, Internship Program, and some new community engagement activities. As these programs are growing into their own the SEED Board is going to be focusing more on its initial mission.

Work has been done to make sites ready for industries looking for locations to build or conduct business. But what about small business? What about entrepreneurs and home-based businesses that would like to expand, or learn how to market their products and services?  The SEED board and the city can help with that, too. “Shingle ready” describes locations where small businesses can begin, with low cost infrastructure.

We are working towards becoming “shingle ready” in a couple of projects including driving towards a Shared Business Space where entrepreneurs and even home based businesses  can have the basics (office space, internet, email, copier, etc.) as well as experienced business people who would serve as mentors to these folks.

We are linked to Missouri’s Small Business Development agencies, the USDA, Missouri Community Betterment and are a member of the Harry S. Truman Coordinating Council. Our networks are readily accessible. 

 Now all of that “government” oversight is a wonderful thing to have as a resource, but we have links to private support as well. We also have contacts with a variety of banks willing to help get the ball rolling if we refer you. This doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a loan, but it is a step in the door to someone with a name. We also have contacts to help with business plans and creating LLC’s.

The community has a sense of pride, also. We are all excited about what we have to offer, and what we are going to be as a community in the future.

If you have an idea, or a business plan buried in your private thoughts or want to learn more about relocating to Sarcoxie, just give me a call or shoot me an email. I’ll be glad to answer your questions or direct you to someone here that can.

We are excited about our direction, and have seen positive results already. Our location is prime, our services first-rate, and our people are friendly and hard-working.

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