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Future Local Leaders Scholarship

 Qualifications and Requirements

Applicants Must:

  1. Be a senior attending Sarcoxie High School.

  2. Provide two letters of recommendation from school faculty.

  3. Complete the written application.

  4. Provide a project proposal that pursues economic development or community improvement.

  5. Successfully complete an interview.

  6. Must be able to attend and participate in meetings and activities.

About Proposed Project

Your proposal must detail a program or project that will positively impact the economic development or community improvement in Sarcoxie. Proposals will become the property of the Core Team who may choose to implement it at a later date. We encourage students to use their imagination and be as creative as possible. Your proposal must include:

  1. Project name & description

  2. Purpose: How will it benefit Sarcoxie?

  3. Process: Detail the program including timeline from start to finish.

  4. Funding: Estimate costs and suggest sources for funding.

About the Interview

Applicants will undergo an interview to demonstrate organizational and communication skills as well as a sincere interest in the improvement of Sarcoxie. 

About Participation Requirements

  1. Attend at least 3 Core Team meetings

  2. Must participate in the planning and execution of the Business Expo/Christmas on the Square in December

​The awardee will be assigned a designated representative to help with schedule conflicts. Failure to meet participation requirements, to the satisfaction or your designated representative, will result in reduction or loss of scholarship.

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