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Water System

The city’s water system is made up of five basic components:

  • 2 wells; each over a thousand feet deep that pump over 2 million gallons of water per month.

  • Chemical treatment system.  Between the wells and storage tanks small pumps are used to mix chlorine and fluoride with the water.  The chlorine protects the water from getting bacteria in it.  Fluoride is a common water system addition that has been proven to have a positive benefit for bone and dental development.

  • 2 elevated water storage tanks (a 200,000 gallon tank and a 100,000 gallon tank).  These tanks hold the water once it is pumped from the wells to create water pressure and to ensure a steady flow of water.

  • An estimated 10 miles of underground pipes that distribute the water to homes and businesses throughout the city.

  • Water Meters located at each point where the city distribution lines connect to private service lines that supply individual homes and businesses.  These meters measure the gallons that flow to your house and are read every month by public works to determine usage at each location.

The city’s water system is operated under permit through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  Water samples are frequently sent to independent labs for testing to verify the water quality.  These results are sent to DNR every month. DNR also comes to Sarcoxie each year to inspect the water system.

The water system is financially maintained through fees based primarily on gallons of water used.  For more information on fees, see About Your Water Bill.


Do not tamper with water meters!

Water meters are very expensive and can be easily damaged.  Tampering with a water meter can also be a crime punishable by fines as well restitution if the meter is damaged.  If you need to have your water temporarily turned off, call City Hall and someone from Public Works will assist you as well as turn it back on when you are ready.  If it is an emergency, such as a pipe breaking, after normal business hours call the police non-emergency number 417-548-3500 and an on-duty police officer will assist you with shutting the water off and turning it back on when you are ready.

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