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Street System

The City has over 20 miles of paved streets plus sidewalks within the city limits. 

There are two major state roads that run through the city and are maintained by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).  The first is Business Loop 44, locally known as High Street that runs East and West.  The second is 37 Highway, locally known as 14th Street that runs from High Street to the south out of the city.

There are also five major collector streets that allow passage through the city.  Center and Joplin Streets run east and west.  5th, 11th and 17th Streets run north and south.

The balance of streets in the city are designed for local access to residents

The street system is maintained primarily through a dedicated transportation sales tax as well as a percent of the local motor fuel tax.

In addition to major asphalt projects, Public Works repairs potholes and other road quality issues year round.

Ice and Snow Conditions

The city typically experiences only 2 to 5 days a year in which ice or snow accumulates on the streets making travel difficult or dangerous.  Because of the limited exposure, as well as limited resources, the city has only limited ice and snow clearing equipment.

In the event of icy road conditions, the city will primarily focus on spreading salt at main intersections on the collector streets and on steep inclines.

In the event of snow covered roads, the city will primarily focus on plowing collector streets and other key streets that allow access around the city as well salting intersections and steep inclines as needed.

Unfortunately, the city is not able to clear driveways in the event that streets are plowed.  City Hall will try to collect information of private parties that will clear driveways either for pay or as good Samaritans.

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