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Sewer System

The City’s sewer system is made up of several components that transport waste from private properties to be safely treated:

Roughly 10 miles of sewer mains that connect to the service lines from houses and businesses and gravity flows to its final destination.  Along the way, there are over 300 manholes spaced between 100 and 500 feet apart that allow Public Works to access the sewer mains to clean them out and inspect them as needed.


  • Lift Stations.  In some parts of the city gravity needs a little help to get wastes to where it needs to go.  In these locations there are underground systems that pump waste from a lower elevation to a higher elevation so gravity can take back over.

  • Lagoon Treatment System.  All wastewater that leaves private properties eventually end up at the city’s 3-cell lagoon treatment system for processing.  After being treated, the clean water is ultimately released into Center Creek for downstream use.

The city’s sewer system is operated under permit through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  Water samples are frequently sent to independent labs for testing to verify the proper treatment of wastewater.  These results are sent to DNR every month. DNR also comes to Sarcoxie each year to inspect the sewer treatment system.

 The sewer system is financially maintained through fees based primarily on gallons of water used.  For more information on fees, see About Your Water Bill.

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