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Public Dumpster Program

The public dumpster is located behind the public library on the square.  Access is readily available from the alley located on south 6th St. between Center St. and Church St.

The site has three areas for specific waste streams including:

  • An area for large appliances and metal for recycling.

  • A trailer for cardboard, paper, and plastic for recycling.

  • A dumpster that can accept large items and large volumes of trash that exceed what a residential trash cart can accommodate.

While anyone can deposit appliances, scrap metal, and other items specifically noted as recyclables, the dumpster itself is restricted and for exclusive use by the following authorized users:

  • City residents and businesses who pay for residential trash service.

  • Non-city persons who first secure a temporary permit and pay a fee at City Hall.

  • City Organizations and departments in their official capacities.

The following persons are specifically prohibited from using this trash dumpster:

  • Non-residents bringing trash or construction debris from outside city limits.

  • Landlords without residential trash service at the address where waste is generated.

  • High Frequency / Large Volume users.  Such users can contact City Hall for information on keeping a dumpster at their location.

  • Owners performing major renovations and projects that generate an extremely large volume of construction debris.  Such users can contact City Hall for information on renting a dumpster.

What cannot be put in the dumpster:

  • Paint

  • Tires (unless split and quartered)

  • Hazardous chemicals

  • Concrete, bricks, stones, etc.

  • Yard waste


The City has established outlets for other types of waste streams including:

  • Concrete, rocks and stones: Contact City Hall for disposal location.

  • Yard Waste: Contact City Hall for disposal location.

  • Prescription medications: A secure disposal site is located at City Hall.

  • Needles: A secure disposal site is located at City Hall.

Hours of Operation:

  • Open daily from 6 am to 10 pm unless otherwise noted by a clearly visible sign

  • Accessing the site after hours or when noted as closed by sign will be considered trespass and result in a ticket.

Enhanced Security and Enforcement:

  • This site is monitored 24/7 with multiple cameras and includes a motion detection system that notifies the on-duty officer.

  • It will have restricted hours of operation.  Access outside of posted hours, or when noted as closed with signage, will be considered trespass and actively enforced.

  • Anyone can deposit recycle materials during open hours.  The dumpster is reserved for authorized users as noted below.  Unauthorized users will be ticketed.

  • Overfilling the dumpster or leaving trash on the ground is littering and can be ticketed.

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