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I "Heart" Sarcoxie

I "Heart" Sarcoxie was the first pilot project of the GRO Program. It was created to bring pride back in the community by improving housing in Sarcoxie, MO.

I "Heart" Sarcoxie is a volunteer program created to help qualifying property owners and long term renters with certain types of exterior property repairs.

Examples of past types of assistance includes:

  • Removal of old appliances, furniture, junk, etc. from the yard

  • Make yard mower ready by clearing it of undesirable vegetation, brush, debris, junk, etc.

  • Broadcast grass seed as needed

  • Mailbox replacement

  • Exterior house painting

  • Repaint front door and porch

  • Installation of a wheelchair ramp

Qualifications: Property must be occupied by an owner or long term renter (minimum of two years) and have legitimate physical or income limitations.  Property owner must sign a waiver absolving volunteers from any liability.

All work is accomplished by volunteers on an on-need basis.

Funds for this program are provided by the Community Foundation of Sarcoxie, the City of Sarcoxie, and private donations. For more information or if you need assistance, please call 417-548-7242 or stop by City Hall and ask for Anderea.

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