Chapter 5 - Sarcoxie Schools

    The community realized the need for the children to have a proper education so the one room schools began to pop up.  At that time, schools didn’t have state or federal funding for schools.  It was up to the local residents to provide the building supplies and all financial support for the schools. The first schoolhouse built was made of logs three miles below Sarcoxie on Center Creek and Samuel Teas was the headmaster.  The Sarcoxie Academy was incorporated in 1849 and served as a boarding school for girls. Sarcoxie’s first public school located in the area was northwest of Sarcoxie.  This became the Union School.  The children attended about six months of the year.  The girls attended regularly.  However, boys frequently attended only when field work permitted.

    One by one, several one room school buildings begin to appear.  Since the youngsters had to walk to school, schools were spaced accordingly, allowing for that possibility.  From 1882 until 1910, a six room brick high school was located on Center Street near 8th Street.  In 1911 a new high school was erected and dedicated west of the old building on Center Hill. This building was vacated in 1962 and demolished in 1964.  The Grand Masonic Lodge of Missouri laid the cornerstone of the new $260,000 high school built on 17th Street in 1959.  Dedication of the building occurred in December 1959.  Over time expansion has occurred and Sarcoxie students still attend junior and senior high school at this location.

    In June 1939, the foundation for a new elementary school on land that had been donated in 1909 by Herman Wild was started.  In honor of Herman Wild, the stone above the auditorium door revealed the school name “Wildwood”.  The WPA was involved in the original construction of the new elementary school.  Sarcoxie students still call Wildwood Elementary home!