Chapter 4 - Sarcoxie Chuches

    Sarcoxie churches played a major role in the town’s history.  Early settlers came from various religious backgrounds and gathered in various locations to worship.  Settlers met in camp meeting settings, on the J.P. Boyd property and in sheds or homes of various residents including J.C. Reynolds and S.P. Burress.  It soon became apparent to the citizens that a church was needed in Sarcoxie.  A meeting was held in a store owned by Thomas Hammer.  At that meeting in 1868, four local men pledged $100 a piece to start construction of a church.  Claborn Osborn donated the land and in the spring of 1869 construction began for the church that became the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The decision was made that all denominations were to be welcomed.  Over the years, the original building was torn down and replaced by the structure presently standing.  

    Other denominations soon followed.  St. Agnes Catholic Church was established, November 25, 1871 in the Sarcoxie Prairie.  A new church was built in 1900.  In 1942, a fire destroyed the church and rectory.  A new church was dedicated in 1944 and a new rectory was completed by 1946.   The Sarcoxie First Baptist was first organized in November 2, 1878 on Ninth Street but was later moved to 17th Street where they still worship.  In the 1880s there were two groups of Methodists worshipping in Sarcoxie but by 1939 the South and North Methodist Churches joined.  Currently, they worship at 11th and Clarence.  The Trinity Lutheran Church was organized officially on May 21, 1883.  The church was concerned about the Christian education of its children so a parish school was maintained for many years.