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When recycling in the city, we offer a few privileged opportunities and locations where you may do so. 


To recycle paper, cardboard, & plastic, a green trailer offered by Innovative Industries of Carthage, MO is located on a grassy lot just off the southeast corner of the Square near 5th St / Center St. The trailer is separated into 3 different compartments for each specific type of recyclable item. The trailer is swapped out on a monthly basis and we kindly ask our folks utilizing this privileged opportunity to not place trash in this trailer to help keep the area and equipment clean. 


While the City does not currently offer a designated location for recycling appliances,
E-Waste and large scrap metal items, there are a few opportunities provided to help our folks rid of these unwanted items:

  • Annual E-Waste Collection Day - once a year the City attempts to provide a time and location for folks to dispose unwanted appliances and large electronic items that cannot be placed in the regular trash system. To find more information about this opportunity, please contact City Hall. 

  • Local Scrappers - Contact City Hall. 

The City has established outlets for other types of waste streams including:

  • Concrete, rocks and stones: Contact City Hall for disposal location.

  • Yard Waste: Contact City Hall for disposal location.

  • Prescription medications: A secure disposal site is located at City Hall.

  • Needles: A secure disposal site is located at City Hall.

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