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Sarcoxie Public Library

Library Policies

  1. Patron Behavior - Patron's are encouraged to be respectful towards others and the facility. Anyone displaying disorderly conduct or offensive behavior will be asked to leave. 

  2. Minimum Age Limit for Unescorted Children – All children under the age of 10 years must be escorted and supervised by a parent or guardian while inside the building.

  3. Tobacco, Vape, Marijuana Consumption – No tobacco or vape consumption inside the building. Marijuana consumption is strictly prohibited on the Red Front premises.

  4. Public Access Computer (PAC) Room and Children's Book Room

    1. Hours of Operation - Red Front business hours.

    2. PAC Room Use - The use of the PAC Room and equipment is intended for educational and business-related purposes only. Gaming, inappropriate, offensive, or malicious use shall be prohibited. The facility also relies on Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliance software to limit children's exposure to pornography and explicit content online. Patrons must read the Internet Usage policy and sign before they may use the computer.

    3. Food and drinks are strictly prohibited inside both rooms.

  5. V.E. “Wildcat” Lynch Meeting Room

    1. Intended use is for small meetings, education study, and professional use.

    2. Age requirements apply – individuals must be age 16 years and up to use this room, unless otherwise supervised by a person who is at least 18 years of age.

    3. The room has a maximum capacity up to 6 persons.

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