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Comprehensive Plan

The City’s first comprehensive plan was approved in 2008 by the City Council, Chamber of Commerce, and a number of interested citizens who all worked together to create it. The plan identified two primary goals:

•    Expansion of city boundaries and services to entice economic and residential development
•    Enhance the quality of life in the community

To achieve these two goals, a number of short and long term actions were agreed upon including:

•    Annexation
•    Revitalize the square and restore the downtown / take advantage of historic preservation
•    Provide enhanced fire and police protection
•    Upgrade sewer and water systems
•    Expand park system and create more recreational opportunities
•    Upgrade stormwater management system
•    Improve the transportation system
•    Adopt property maintenance and management tools
•    Encourage new residential, retail, and commercial development
•    Increase tax revenue
•    Retain and grow the population
•    Neighborhood revitalization

The goals and actions laid out in the plan were big in scope, far reaching, and potentially overwhelming.  All agreed on where we would like to end up but the path(s) to take were not crystal clear.  In order to just get moving, it was decided to set up smaller but very definite steps to make continuous progress towards the desired end results.


Every even numbered year, the Mayor works with the Core Team, City Council, Chamber of Commerce and other stakeholders to develop proposed actions and projects to pursue over the next two years.  This process includes public review before presenting to the Chamber and City Council for formal approval.  Once approved, these plans become the primary areas of focus over the next two years.  This process helps ensure all stakeholders are “on the same page” and that progress is being made towards the goals established in the Comprehensive Plan.

The Big 14

The City of Sarcoxie in the most recent action plans created 14 major projects to focus on finishing. See what the city has been working on and what has been accomplished. 

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