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Your Responsibilities:

  • Find out if a burn ban is in effect before you burn and know what can and cannot be burnt.

  • Continuously supervise your fire.

  • Don’t start a fire after 9 pm or before 6 am.


Special Note on Cook Fires: Outside cook fires are always allowed, even during burn bans, but must be supervised and contained.

For the most part, open burning on private property is allowed in Sarcoxie.


What You Can Burn:

  • Yard waste like tree limbs, leaves, brush, etc.

  • Untreated wood (Example: 2X4 that has not been treated, coated, or painted.)


What You Can NOT Burn:

  • Wood that has been chemically treated or manufactured using chemicals or that contains adhesives or resins. Things like plywood, particleboard, chipboard or wood with other than minimal amounts of paint, coating or finish cannot be burnt.

  • Residential waste – solid waste produced by routine household activities such as paper waste and garbage from daily activities.

  • Home remodeling wastes

  • Wastes from home businesses

  • Durable goods such as old appliances, carpets or furniture

  • Tires

  • Other non-routine household waste

  • Oil or used oil.

Burn Ban: 

Sometimes there are heightened risks of open fire spreading which can put other property at risk.  When these risks are present, the Sarcoxie Fire Department can declare a burn ban.  This decision is based on several criteria such as: drought conditions, humidity, wind speeds, etc.  When a burn ban is put in effect or lifted, the City tries to notify the public in a number of ways including our website, social media, as well as our digital information sign located on the northeast corner of the Historic Square at the intersection of N 5th St and Cross St.  You can also call City Hall during normal business hours by dialing 417-548-7242.


Burning illegal items or during a burn ban can result in citations and fines, an embarrassing visit by the fire department to put out the fire, and even an unpleasant visit from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

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